genYOUine cork yoga mats


What we're doing to be the change

genYOUine knows that changing the world starts at home. That's why we donate a portion of our proceeds every year to a new project. In 2021, each mat bought will donate $5 to RAINN.



In 2020 we donated over $1100 to women in Uganda who ran their own tailoring business', as well as those who began their own soap and mask business in response to Covid.

Meet Joyce!

Joyce is one of the main women we have been working with this year in hopes of aiding women in Uganda in business. She is an incredible women I got the privilege of knowing when I lived with her as we installed a clean water well in her village.
Although she has never been married, she has raised 8 children, all of which graduated from university and pursued careers such as medicine, architecture and teaching. This is no easy feat in any country, let alone in one where scholarship and grant money are non-existent and women are often looked down on.
She works tirelessly to aid the women in her village in micro-financing ventures and is consistently lending people her money and time to start their own businesses in hopes of empowering the women she knows to control their own futures and families.
Joyce is an incredible woman who's faith gives her the courage to give all she has and who's smile and laugh will fill your soul with light and love.

The business

With the money that Joyce was given, she was able to finance her own soap and mask company that made essential products for those she serviced during the Covid pandemic.
Joyce also employs up to 7 women in this venture in order to keep up with demand. With this money she hopes to be able to re-open her restaurant in Fort Portal that was shut down due to Covid. It is in this restauraunt that Joyce has taught many young women how to cook and given them the skills necessary to open their own businesses. It is her goal to continue to empower and educate the women she meets with skills they can use to gain their own capital - something which will allow them to control their own futures instead of relying on income from less stable sources.


Kagorogoro, Uganda

In 2019, genYOUine was able to partner with African Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation to construct a clean water well in rural Uganda. $3000 USD was donated to give over 1500 villagers in Kagorogoro access to clean drinking water, preventing them from contracting water-borne diseases like Cholera, Hep A & E, Typhoid, Dysentery and fevers.