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The Genesis

I created genYOUine in hopes of bringing a greater love of self and of earth into the yoga world. Since I was young I have been enthralled by the outdoors and kept my body moving and active while enjoying nature. When I moved to the city, yoga seemed so interesting... but it was so intimidating! Incredibly thin and flexible people dominated the classes I attended and always made me feel inadequate. Through the twisting and turning of life though, I found myself in Rishikesh India, the birthplace of yoga, and began my teacher training course. I slowly began to build my skills and was introduced to cork yoga mats, something that everyone there seemed to know about!  As I started practicing on the cork mats, I was amazed at how much deeper I could settle into my poses and how much more stable I felt in my movements. Previously I had used all different sorts of mats and had been so frustrated by the constant repositioning I had to do to stay put. It seemed like whenever I got a little sweaty I would slip all over the place. But not with the cork mats... 

And hence, genYOUine was born! A company that is here to make yoga do-able for EVERYONE! A company that is not only socially, but environmentally friendly. Based on principles of individuality, adventure, growth and transparency, we aim to create a community where business brings good into the world. A world where people can explore, better themselves and be completely happy in what makes them genYOUine. 

Biodegradable & Plastic Free

All our products are 100% biodegradable. Cork and rubber are naturally occurring substances that we harvest in sustainable practices in order to reduce our footprint. Not only that, we also use water-based ink (don't worry, it still lasts!), recycled fabric for the carry straps and zero harmful glues. So when you've loved the life out of your mat, you can give it back to Mother Earth completely. 


All our product are also packaged with 100% recyclable cardboard, paper or compostable sleeves. Zero plastics are used in an effort to reduce our environmental impact and save our earth!

Values & Charity


genYOUine is all about authenticity and transparency. We are passionate about making people feel loved and letting them express the truest parts of themselves. We want to bring you products that speak to you, and are transparent in where they came from and where they're going.

Shoot us an email with your life story (yoga may or may not be a part!) and get featured on our insta!


Every year, genYOUine picks a new cause where we donate a portion our profits. In 2019, we funded a clean water well that cost over $3000 in Kagorogoro Uganda. This well services over 1500 villagers providing clean, disease free water. 

In 2020, we donated over $1100 to women in Uganda to create their own business so they could support their families. 

In 2021 we donated over $1000 to RAINN to help support sexual assault survivors. 

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